Working with acids and other chemicals all day shortens your lab furniture’s life cycle. Thanks to EPOXY TOPS, you can one-stop shop for chemically resistant workbenches with a company who has decades of experience in this industry. As a niche manufacturer, we hold a unique market position where we design & manufacture lab bench solutions for wet lab environments. Based on your labs’ requirements and specific work surface material selections, such as Epoxy, Phenolic, or Stainless Steel, EpoxyTops is here to build your unique project in a competitive time frame.

EpoxyTops is the subsidiary brand of Formaspace, a commercial furniture industry leader, and is backed by Formaspace’s quality standards. Contact your EpoxyTops Consultant today with your lab workbench design requirements.

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Why Work with EpoxyTops?

  • We have manufactured Chemical Resistant Workbenches since 1981.
  • A team of design consultants and engineers are assigned to your projects regardless of the volume.
  • Everything is locally supplied including the chemical resistant countertops and steel frames.
  • 100% Made in Austin, TX at our 60,000-square foot manufacturing facility.
  • We provide custom solutions to most of the Fortune 500 companies.
  • High quality standards and 100% customer satisfaction.